Pimp Calvin’s Ride

On Sunday 24th April 2011 saw human beings from various walks of life come together in unity to perform and donate in some way towards raising necessary funds for Calvin Hill whom was run over on 27th November 2008, he continues to suffer from brain injuries and massive trauma from that day.

Pimp Calvin’s Ride main aim was to raise sufficient funds to aid Calvin Hill.

Charity performance at the The Cauliflower, Ilford on  for 16 year old Calvin Hill who

Calvin has remained in hospital to date (22/6/10) & is currently at The Childrens Trust in Tadworth, having neuro rehabilitation, we are currently fundraising for a new wheelchair for Calvin which costs £16000! YES! i said £16000 so we have alot of work to do to raise this !

If you or a friend or business colleague can donate or buy artwork (some pieces were up for auction on the day and bids will be still considered).

These are some photographs from the day.

Performers were the Last Bad Boyz, Ancient Lyrics, Prince Terralox, Plus various other artists from dancers to singers.

Well Done to All who donated Time,Effort and Energy.

Calvin HillYoung Fem gymnas

Calvin watching performances

Young Fem SingerYoung Fem Gymnas

Last of the Bad Boyz - merv

Prince TerraloxMilitant Mickey & Prince TerraloxAncient Lyrics


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