Rootikal and Afrikan Simba

Rootikal were guest dj’s at the Music Bar Brixton on Friday 13th May 2011.

The Music Bar is a fun and friendly bar that hosts regular live music, DJ nights and karaoke. On 13th May they invited Rootikal’s David Hill, Stuart Patterson, Mr Faso, Earls Gateshead to set the Dub tone before a live set by Afrikan Simba.

Afrikan Simba (real name: Nivai Nduka) hit the scene in the nineties and has recorded several tracks with the likes of Jah Warrior and Zion Train. He has performed in several countries including Spain, Greece, Ethiopia and Jamaica. His debut album ‘Salvation for the Now Generation’ was followed by ‘Jah No Dead’.

Hailing from Nigeria, award winning artist Afrikan Simba is one of the leading MC’s in London, having worked with top sound systems such as Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti and Channel One. He has also recorded with the likes of Jah Warrior, Zion Train, Dub Judah & and runs his own ‘Ayamba’ record label, based in Jamaica.

Whenever he takes up the mic, whether live or in the studio, a flow of conscious, spiritual and uplifting lyrics are guaranteed. Stay tuned to for the latest news & releases. You can also download tracks from Afrikan Simba’s debut album Salvation for the Now Generation from ITunes, Napster and Urban Gospel

Afrikan Simba : I didn’t chose to get into it [Reggae], instead Reggae chose me. When I was young, my dad used to play all kinds of music: from African to country and western; but I was growing up in a hostile environment in Hackney and Leyton (east London). Things were hostile between the police and black youths. If the police saw a black youth standing alone or with two or three friends, they’d stop, search and intimidate him. As a young African child, reggae music was the only one that had revolution. Also, my dad had books on Nkwame Nkrumahh and Nyerere and he educated me on them. Reggae inspired me to re-educate myself in a more Afro-centric way.


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