Rootikal & Errol Bellot & Nick Mannaseh

Rootikal with Nick Mannaseh & P.A by Errol Bellot

 The Errol Bellot first burst onto the reggae scene in 1981, after the unleashing of the classic British roots anthem ‘Babylon’. The song was recorded for ‘S and G records’, which at the time was one of the main recording studios for established artists like Carol Thompson, Sugar Minott and Winston Reedy. This proved to be the perfect training ground for the young Mr. Bellot.

A series of hits followed whilst Bellot was on S and G records i.e. ‘Gimme’, ‘it’s alright girl’ and ‘Papa honey’ which featured Sugar Minott doing a cameo as a DJ. After leaving S and G records, Errol Bellot went on to record for a roots sound called ‘Jah Tubbys’.

It was when Manasseh hooked up with Femi and the brothers Joey and Norman Jay that they started to provide Reggae music at some big warehouse parties in the middle to late 80s. Playing at some great nights and finally making a bit of money, the association had one big consequence: Joey and Norman got them a late night show on the pirate station Kiss FM.


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