Rootikal is a popular reggae music night. Playing your classic dubs alongside new riddims. Rootikal Residents: Stuart Patterson, David Hill, Earl Gateshead & Mr Faso provide the music alongside MC Prince Terrolox.

On a regular basis Rootikal has guests and performances from the history of reggae and dub. To name all would be the life journal of uk reggae, although this is some of the international that have graced Rootikal: Channel One, Errol Bellot, Nick Mannaseh, David Rodigan.

We have photographers for your event. Please leave a comment and our team will endeavour to get in contact with you shortly. We start from a reasonable rate and aim to satisfy all our clients.

Leave contact details along with any message that outlines initial needs and as mentioned earlier our team will speak with you shortly, if not that is an automatic discount if you emailed in the morning and a team member did not respond by the end of the evening.

Either way, after viewing through this and the other pages in the gattalogue. Either press that ‘like‘ button, write a few comments on each picture and also subscribe & follow by placing your email address in the relevant field after clicking the ‘follow‘ button.

“Thank you in advance for being here” Gatta and the Team.


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